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The SkinDream® TITANIUM

SkinDream TitaniumThe SkinDream® TITANIUM is the successful culmination of experience in the field of cosmetic ultrasound made available for home use. The synergy of high-tech electronics and precious materials for a unique sonic head makes SkinDream® TITANIUM the world's most effective home-use cosmetic ultrasound system. Great importance was also given to easy and safe use and an appealing, ergonomic design.

The handset has a modern LCD display that shows all information at a glance. Single-button operation makes it incredibly clear and easy to set all functions. A high-performance, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is integrated into the handset, and can be charged from the supplied base station. It also comes with a fashionable carry case for secure, comfortable transporting and a tube of Ultrasonic Gel. MediConsult provides a 24 month worldwide warranty from the date of purchase.

SkinDream TitaniumSkinDream Titanium

Ultrasound Handset:

SkinDream Titanium HandsetHousing: Coated ABS
Switch (settings): 1 = Approx. 50% (0.5 W/cm²), 2 = Approx. 100% (1 W/cm²)
TITANIUM sonic head: Size: 32 mm in diameter, Power: 0.5-1 W/cm², Frequency: 1 MHz
Operating temperature: +10 to +40°C
Storage temperature: -15 to +70°C
Thermal fuse (TITANIUM sonic head): Approx. +41°C
Dimensions: 215 x 65 x 45 mm

Charging station:

SkinDream Titanium Charging StationHousing: Coated ABS
Input voltage: 12 V- 10 VA
Lithium-ion battery: Power: 3.7 V / 740 mAh
Battery charging time: Approx. 1-2 hrs.
Initial charging: Approx. 2-3 hrs.
Battery charging cycles: Approx. 1000
Max. operating time per charge in continuous operation: Approx. 45 minutes

Power supply:

SkinDream Titanium Power SupplyESC10-12, Input voltage: 100-240 V - 0.4 A, 47-63 Hz, Thermal fuse: (non-resettable) 130°C (according to DIN EN 60601-1, connection of other power supply units is not permissible).


The design and manufacturer of the product comply with the following directives and standards: DIN EN 60335-1 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
DIN EN 60065 Safety of main-operated electrical and related appliances for household and similar general use
DIN EN 60601-1 Electrical safety
DIN EN 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility
USA FDA 21 CFR 890.5660 Regulated as a therapeutic massager