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August 2016

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iMRS Now Available

February 2011

imrs Intelligent WellnessWOW!!!! Is all we could say at our recent World Premier Intelligent Wellness launches of the iMRS. It appeared to be the best-kept secret but, once the new iMRS was revealed to hundreds of our reps the excitement and amazement was at an all time high and so was the attendance. The first historic launch took place in San Diego with over 350 people present. Next on the list was Denver with over 230 people and recently Toronto with over 450 people. Launches are still pending for Germany and the UK. Over 1000 people have witnessed the new iMRS, which is unparalleled in the entire industry putting Swiss Bionic Solutions on the map as a fierce leader in the field of energy medicine for home use.

This has not only been a serious milestone for Swiss Bionic Solutions, but also a huge undertaking for Wolfgang Jaksch and his entire team, who invented and designed this groundbreaking technology since more than 5 years. Thank you Wolfi and your fabulous team for providing all reps with the leading edge iMRS, which has no competition anywhere. In the field of pulsating electromagnetic field for home use the choice has become crystal clear: iMRS. Thank you also for all the work, determination and hard work you have put into this adventure creating a bright and healthy future for everyone.

Anything new and unfamiliar also creates confusion. It is time for an iMRS 101:
The iMRS contains the same technology (saw-tooth, square wave and copper coils) as the MRS 2000 (which is and remains still available as home or med for purchase). This technology has proven to be very successful and effective over many years.

What is new on the iMRS: There is only one basic control unit using a SD Card System to build 3 different models with various and additional options:

All iMRS control units have the following standard features:

45% smaller and more compact than the MRS 2000 control units
Brand new and very unique "Natural Skin Surface"

  • iMRS UnitBlue/White backlit digital display
  • Serial number of your unit displays on the screen
  • Easy touch membrane keyboard
  • Advanced SD Card System for easy upgrades such as iSLRS, iMORE and iGUIDE
  • Automatic build in organ clock - you will never have to set the time of the day
  • Build In clock remains intact for up to 3 months even when your unit is turned off (without a battery support)
  • Automatic organ clock can be overridden if needed
  • Applicators (mat, pad and probe) can be plugged in arbitrarily and the control unit will detect the applicators automatically
  • Programs are currently in 3 languages: English, German and French
  • P1-P3 programs allow 3 different users to pre-program their settings for pillow, probe or mat over all organ clock variants
  • Upgrades are now possible for any iMRS control unit

New ApplicatorsNew Applicators:

  • Body Mat: in new color "cool gray" with perforated folds and cable at the side
  • Pad: new color "cool gray", cable at the side
  • Probe: all new made of anodized metal. Now goes up to 300 Microtesla (instead of 70 Microtesla with the MRS 2000 probe) making it much more effective. Cable attached on side.

All applicators have reinforced and more flexible cables

Three Models are available:

  • iMRS wellfit:
    the equivalent of the MRS 2000 home (up to 200 intensity - no probe)
  • iMRS complete:
    the equivalent of the MRS 2000 med (up to 400 intensity with probe)
  • iMRS professional:
    same as the MRS 2000 med but is pre-programmed with iGUIDE - 3420 preselected settings for certain conditions for all 3 applicators and all 4 organ clocks. Adjustable timer 1-60 minutes. This model is only for health care providers licensed with the states and provinces or for reps for demonstration purposes.

NOTE: none of the above models include: iSLRS or iMORE

Imrs comparison chart

Buy Your iMRS Now

Buy Your iMRS Now