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Announcing The iMRS From Swiss Bionic Solutions

Swiss Bionic Solutions, already the world leader is Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) units for the home, has introduced the next generation of Magnetic Resonance Stimulating units, the iMRS (Integrated Magnetic Resonance Stimulation). Over 5 years of research and development has already been done by our CEO, Wolfgang Jaksch, and his team to bring these new units to the many people looking for a cost effective way to attain and maintain their health. This shows, in part, the dedication and commitment that Swiss Bionic Solutions has made to bring leading edge PEMFT units to the market that not only maximize results in the shortest time possible but do it in a cost effective manner.

imrs Intelligent WellnessThe major part of the new intelligent wellness Program that Swiss Bionic Solutions has introduced, the iMRS represents a major step forward in giving people the most advanced equipment available to allow them to have daily applications at home that are not only safe, tremendously effective but save them both time and money. The iMRS contains the same technology (saw-tooth profile, square wave form, copper coils) as the MRS 2000 (which is still available as Home Set or Med Set for purchase). This is technology that has proven to be effective over many years. What is new on the iMRS is that there is now only one basic control unit for the 3 different models, that is upgradeable by using a SD Card for the next level up. So all you have to do is buy a new SD card that has the new programs that you want. It should also be noted that each SD card is specifically programmed to the control unit of the purchaser and cannot be used on any other control panel.

The Standard Features Of The New iMRS Units.

iMRS UnitAll iMRS control units have the following standard features:

  • 45% smaller and more compact than the present MRS 2000 control units
  • Brand new and very unique "Natural Skin Surface"
  • Blue/White backlit digital display
  • Serial number of your unit displays on the screen
  • Advanced SD Card System for easy upgrades to such programs as iSLRS, iMOREand iGUIDE
  • Automatic built in organ clock, you will never have to set the time of day
  • Built in clock remains in tact for up to 3 months even when the unit is turned off (without a battery support).
  • Automatic organ clock can be overridden if needed
  • Applicators (mat, pad and probe) can be plugged in arbitrarily and the control unit will detect which applicator is being used automatically.
  • Programs are now available in 3 languages: English, German and French
  • P1-P3 programs allow 3 different users to pre-program their settings for at, pillow or probe over all organ clock variants
  • Upgrades are now possible for any iMRS contol unit

The New iMRS Comes In 3 Model, All 3 UseThe Same Control Unit:

  1. iMRS Wellfit: The equivalent of the MRS Home Set (up to 200% intensity, no probe)
  2. iMRS Complete: The equivalent of the MRS 2000 Med Set (up to 400% intensity with a probe)
  3. iMRS Professional: Same as the Complete but is pre-programmed with iGUIDE - 3420 preselected settings for certain conditions for all 3 applicators and all 4 organ clocks. Adjustable timer 1 to 60 minutes. This model is only for licensed health care providers (within their home state or province) or for company representatives for demonstration purposes only.

iMRS completeiMRS Accessories

Please Note
The iMRS and the MRS 2000+ designo are certified medical products Class11a in Europe (93/42/EEC) and in the USA they are regulated by the FDA as electric therapeutic massagers (21 CFR 890.5660). However, the iMRS and the MRS 2000+ designo systems are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

None of the 3 models include the iSLRS or the iMore. Only the professional includes the iGUIDE as standard equipment. The following is a brief description of these accessories.


iSLRSExplained in detail on the iSLRS page, it has 3 colours of goggle lights (Red, Green, Blue) and 8 different melodies to choose from.

Visit the iSLRS page for more information.


iMOREInteractive Monitoring and Regulating system. Measures Pulse Frequency and automatically calculates the Hear Rate Variability (HRV). The greater the HRV the healthier the individual. Through the use of an ear lobe clip the iMORE constantly (every minute and 30 seconds) calculates the recent HRV and adjusts the intensity in both directions when on the body mat. In this way the most beneficial application is assured.

Visit the iMORE page for more information.


3420 preselected settings for 250 conditions for all 3 applicators and all 4 organ clocks. The iGUIDE comes installed in the iMRS Professional but for the other 2 models (the Wellfit and the Complete) you have to buy the SD card specific to the iGUIDE and install it in the back of the control panel.

Visit the iGUIDE page for more information.

iMRS Travel Applicator

Travel MatThe travel mat is a small 1 foot by 2 foot pad that uses the exact same signal as the full body mat (sawtooth), but is travel friendly. Besides being smaller and much more travel friendly (it easily fits inside even small luggage for traveling); It is also very useful for using in chairs, couches, in the car because it fits easily behind your back and even on smaller chairs without the need to bend or fold it.

iMRS Adapter

AdapterPower Plug Input: 100-240 V / 50-60HZ / 700mA,
Output: 18V / 1.66A,
Certified: CE, EN/EC, UL Class 2

iMRS SD Cards

SD Card12 different versions available, pls contact your Swiss Bionic Solutions Health Technician for more information.

Travel Bag

Travel BagThe new setup for easy travel, two bags in one, Control unit, power plug, probe applicator and accessories can be stored in the little bag. This little bag can be attached to the bigger bag which can hold the whole body mat and pillow.
Colors: anthracite/silver.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium Ion Battery PackDesigned to be used with the iMRS control panel, it allows you to still have the benefits of the full range of iMRS applicators even when there is no other power source available this rechargeable unit will give you 8 hours of application on a 2 hour charge.

Not Shown is the car adapter which allows you to enjoy the benefits of the iMRS even while travelling.